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Formed in Boston in 1970 Aerosmith have long been recognized as one of America's foremost rock acts. By the mid 1980s their albums had spent well over 400 weeks on the Billboard charts with their most successful, 'Rocksmaking' in 1976. Singles like 'Dream On', 'Sweet Emotion' and 'Walk This Way' were and are staples of American FM radio stations who believed when it was time to rock it was time for Aerosmith. 1987's  ' Permanent Vacation' became the band's best selling album in a decade helped in no small part by 'Angel', a single that climbed to on the Hot 100 in early 1988. 'Dude (Looks Like a Lady)' and 'Rag Doll', both taken from the album also featured in the Billboard Top 20.

Aerosmith - Blood Too HotAerosmith - Blood Too HotAerosmith - Blood Too HotAerosmith - Blood Too Hot