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That evening, when Andy and his family are to go to a family outing at a Pizza Planet restaurant, Woody, wanting to ensure that Andy will pick him instead of Buzz, calls to Buzz that there is trouble (a helpless toy being trapped). Buzz then rushes to "help" the toy, and Woody sends RC to push Buzz into the gap between the table and the wall, but Buzz catches sight of RC racing toward him and jumps out of the way. RC then bumps into a board leaning against the wall, which then falls onto a globe, freeing the sphere, which rolls toward Buzz. While running away from the rolling globe, Buzz trips over some colored pencils, but manages to roll himself out of the globe's way, ending up on a windowsill. The globe then hits a desk lamp, which swings around and hit Buzz, knocking him out of the window. Most of the other toys, especially Mr. Potato Head , indict Woody for attempting to murder Buzz out of jealousy, but Buzz has survived the fall as he emerges out of the bushes to see Woody being taken by Andy into the car.

Well spoken Sapphire, but I think there’s one way to even top the foreign man. “How?” I hear you ask. By finding a Swedish man who’s spent a lot of time abroad, thus learning about chivalry and grown a pair of balls. These men are simply as good as they get!
To begin with it’s awesome to be involved with someone foreign, but you know what? Down the line it just gets annoying and difficult, regardless of country they’re from. Nah, my advice is to find a “världsvan” Swedish bloke.

2 Amigos - Hey! Baby (Uhh Aah!)