In ruins of - in ruins of - Ruins: All Ruins of Machu Picchu

"Postcard" is a preview from the sisters' forth album Ruins , produced by Tucker Martine (My Morning Jacket). Recorded in Portland, Oregon, the album features appearances from REM’s Peter Buck, Wilco’s, Glenn Kotche, and Midlake’s McKenzie Smith, and puts the Söderberg's eerily precise yet vulnerable harmonies on full display. Written in the wake of a breakup – Klara from her now ex-fiancé – and some unrest between the sisters, Ruins treats experiences as artifacts still worth revisiting even once they're broken: like Stonehenge or the Coliseum, a life in pieces is no less brilliant than one perfectly intact.

1580s (transitive), from ruin (n.). Intransitive sense "fall into ruin" is from . Financial sense is attested from 1660. Related: Ruined ; ruining .

At the end of the Ruins, the protagonist meets up again with Toriel. Toriel brings the protagonist to her home and introduces them to their own room. If the protagonist sleeps in the bed, Toriel leaves a Butterscotch-Cinnamon Pie at the foot of their bed. Afterward, she departs, telling the protagonist to "make [themself] at home." However, the protagonist proceeds to pester Toriel about leaving, prompting Toriel to rush out of her armchair, and rush downstairs. Upon being followed, Toriel tells the protagonist that if they leave the Ruins, Asgore will kill them, and urges them to return. However, the protagonist continues to pursue Toriel, eventually having to fight Toriel to leave the Ruins.

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