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If you have an E46 saloon or wagon with xenon lights, you might not instantly recognize which headlight you have because they are almost similar on the outside. But here’s how to find out. You can find the manufacturer of you headlight via the logo on the front of the headlight (ZKW) or the sticker on top;

Unfortunately, the all-knowing Internet sometimes gives quite a different impression. Forum posts and offers from dealers talk of fabulous conversion kits which make xenon lights out of halogen headlamps quite simply, and for next to nothing, too. This already sounds too good to be true – or at least to be entirely trustworthy. These conversion sets include xenon lamps whose bases have been adapted to fit the lampholders of halogen lamps. This is prohibited, and that is not the only snag, for there are good reasons for this prohibition: The xenon lamp no longer matches the optical features of the headlamp. This means that the light generally falls somewhere or other, but not in a way that produces a good light distribution. And even in the unlikely event that the light distribution is, in fact, ok – and we have come across conversion kits that this applies to – then the amount of light emitted is excessive. This is because the light distribution for halogen is greater than that which is permitted for xenon. In other words, headlamps with conversion kits create glare – and lots of it.

Months later, the wind came out of that. The very polite Amiga Format gave it an enormous 93% on release, but three short years later the CDTV port got a measly 32%. It didn’t age well, it seems.

Xenon (21) - Still (You Never Want Me)Xenon (21) - Still (You Never Want Me)Xenon (21) - Still (You Never Want Me)Xenon (21) - Still (You Never Want Me)