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The P&LE followed the left downstream bank of the Monongahela River past the terminal to the Golden Triangle , where that waterway meets the Allegheny River and becomes the Ohio River . The railroad continued northwest along the left downstream bank of the Ohio to the vicinity of Beaver, Pennsylvania , where it crossed the river on the Beaver Bridge . From there it followed the Beaver River to just south of New Castle, Pennsylvania , where it then followed the Mahoning River west-northwest, crossing into Ohio just east of Lowellville . From there it ran northwest into Youngstown, terminating at a junction with the New York Central known as Haselton.

I’ve been a fan of Balblair since the first time I tasted the 2001 vintage a few years ago. It’s a very ur–Highland malt, embodying all the flavors and textures idealized in the style, and because the brand tends to … Continue reading →

The SB - Whiskey RoadThe SB - Whiskey RoadThe SB - Whiskey RoadThe SB - Whiskey Road